Commelina benghalensis – Famine Foods

Commelina benghalensis


India (Deccan): leaves boiled in water and eaten mixed with salt and chile peppers. Also, the branches are threshed, yielding black seeds which are ground into flour for bread; (Rajasthan, western): leaves eaten; branches thrashed for seeds which are pounded and used for making bread; (Garhwal Himalayas): leaves fried in oil. Kenya (Mbeere division, Embu district): when new and fresh, leaves eaten as a relish; later, they are regarded as too acidic and bitter to use. The leaves are also eaten in Batavia (Java), and have been seen for sale in Chinese shops in Singapore, although it is not reported how the Chinese use them.

Additional Information

Name Authority:
L.; Forsk.; Wall.
Nasik and Ahmednagar districts, Bombay Presidency: Kena. Panch Mahals district, Bombay Presidency: Bokna. Rajasthan (western): Bakna /Bokna, Kanchara. Kikuyu: mu -Kengeria.

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