Coix lachryma-jobi – Famine Foods

Coix lachryma-jobi


India: seeds eaten by the Bhil people [State nor region specified]; West Bengal. The seed is enclosed in a hard shell which has to be broken by pounding or rough grinding. It is either mixed with Panicum colonum, L. [Poaceae] or Zea mays, L. [Poaceae] and made into bread. It is also prepared like rice. Its taste is reported to be similar to wheat.

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(Bhil group): Kasaiya
Chemical composition (grams /100g): Protein = 18.81g. Fat = 6.2g. Carbohydrate (soluble) = 59.55g. Fibre = 1.28g. Ash = 3.4g. Water = 10.74g. Calories = 378.

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