Cleome gynandra – Famine Foods

Cleome gynandra

Cleome pentaphylla, Gynandroposis pentaphylla, Gynanadropsis gynandra


Burkina Faso (Bouroum-Bouroum, Poni Province). The Birifor people prepare the leaves in either sauces or soups. The leaves are chopeed,washed, and put into pot and boiled in water. Traditionally, the seeds of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) R. Br. ex G. Don [Fabaceae] were included, in. The Mossi people cook the leaves in cous-cous. Nigeria (Kano State, northern): seedlings and leaves eaten eaten by Hausa but not normally by Manga in Dagaceri. India (Madras Presidency): leaves and young shoots eaten as greens. Elsewhere: seeds reported used for mustard. Chad (central): leaves eaten. Malawi: leaves eaten.

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Hausa: Gasaya. Kanuri: Knasi. Tamil: Valay keeray, Neivaylla, Kadughoo. Telugu: Vaminta, Vala kura. Chad (central) Arabic: Tim - Légué. Malawai: Brede Caya, Pissat de Chiens

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