Celastrus scandens – Famine Foods

Celastrus scandens


North America (Great Lakes region, Wisconsin, Minnesota): bark of vine boiled and eaten by Native American groups: Chippewa, Forest Potawatomi and Menomini groups.

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Chippewa: Bimikwud ('Twisting around'), Manido bimakwit ('Spirit Twisted'). Forest Potawotami: Manito bimakwit ('Spirit Twisted'), Menominee: Manapus otate ('Entrails of Manapus '). Pimikiwit ('Entrails of Manabus '). English: Staff -Tree, Bittersweet Vine, Staff -vine, False Climbing Bittersweet, Shrubby Bittersweet, Wax -work, Fever -Twig, Yellow -Root, Climbing Orange Root, Jacob's Ladder.
Chemical composition: toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

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