Caralluma adscendens var. fimbriata – Famine Foods

Caralluma adscendens var. fimbriata

Caralluma fimbriata


India (Rajasthan): whole plant boiled in water, and mixed with salt, and chili peppers if available; (Deccan): green follicles eaten.

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Name Authority:
(Roxb.) Haw.
Bombay Presidency: Ahmednagar district, Rahuri Taluka: Ranshabar. Poona and Satara districts: Makad shenguli. Nasik, and Ahmednagar districts: Shindala makadi.
Abundant around some villages, growing amidst small prickly-pear bushes (Opuntia sp. [CACTAE ]). Grows at an altitude of 600-900 meters.

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