Bromelia laciniosa – Famine Foods

Bromelia laciniosa


Brazil (northeast): bulbs are cooked then sun-dried. Bulb is then pulverized and reduced to a flour, from which small patties or porridge are made.

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Mart. ex Schult. f.
Chemical composition: moisture = 0.5%; starch = 63.10%; sugars = 4.36%; proteins = 5.14%; minerals = 4.27%; crude fibres, etc.[sic] = 13.63%; ash (SiO2: (0.80% in flour); CaO = 38.1% (1.62% in flour; Fe2O3 = 0.7% (0.03% in flour). Thiamin = 168 mcg per 100 g. No riboflavin. Attention is directed to the extraordinary calcium content - the highest of any known plant species - corresponding to 15x the amount for milk and 3x the amount for cheese.

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