Bombax malabaricum – Famine Foods

Bombax malabaricum

Bombax heptaphyllum, Somalia malabaricum


India (Bombay Presidency): calyx of flower- buds, and young roots eaten. The roots are cut into thin pieces and mixed with spices and salt, after being roasted over a fire and the outer skin removed. The tender leaves are also eaten, after being boiled with condiments. The flowers are dried, then pounded and finally prepared into bread[si] (chapati?) either with or without the admixture of other flour. The gum of the tree is also eaten. (Garhwal Himalayas): buds and flowers cooked and pickled. Uttar Pradesh, Balrampur region: root eaten raw “like a radish.”

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Bombay Presidency, Khandesh district, Shahada: Sawar ; Taloda: Savri. Panch Mahals district, Godhra: Shimla. English: Silk Cotton.

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