Arisarum simorrhinum


Tunisia: the running root-stock is gathered, dried, pulverized and mixed with the flour of barley (Hordeum vulgare, L. [Poaceae]) or wheat (Triticum sp.)

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Arabic (Tunisia): Ouden el-fil, Cebot el-ghoula, Kelb el-beqouqa, Rejel el begra. Berber: Tioughda, Tiqqenousine, Quaba, Abbouq, Taourza, Airni, Hierni, Idjened, Tikilmout.
It contains 70% starch and has a reportedly strong, bitter flavor. Excessive intake has resulted in serious intoxication. This reaction is particularly likely with regard to Arum italicum, Rafin. (q.v.) and Arum maculatum, Rafin. (q.v.), the bulbous root-stocks of which contain hydrocyanic (Prussic) acid.

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