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Amorphophallus consimilis


Sénégal/Guinea: The unripe fruit is crushed, and boiled, for a long time, with the leaves of Cissus gracilis Guill. & Pers. [Vitidaceae] and with the fruit of Spondias mombin L.; Jacq. [Anacardiaceae]. This preparation is reported to cause a sore throat. Among the Basari, the old women especially eat this. When it is poorly prepared and irritates the throat, this can be treated, by chewing the young shoots of Pilisostigma thonningii Hochst. (syn. Bauhinia thonningii Schum; Bauhinia reticulata DC. [Caesalpiniaceae].

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Basari (tubercule): Apaty bola [Malinke penis glans (only when the plant flowers)]; Bedik: Gamb fali [Donkey penis glans]; Konyagi: pol a-fala: I - [Peul pehis glans]. Cissus gracilis: E-sap. Spondias monbin: A-nyoka

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