Acacia leucophloea – Famine Foods

Acacia leucophloea


India (Bombay Presidency): the grey bark and young pods are ground, mixed with bajra (millet) flour and eaten. Ground bark made into bread – with or without the addition flour; (Rajasthan, western): pods eaten as vegetable but reportedly this use is rare; seeds fried and eaten separately or mixed with jowar or bajra (millet). Eating the bread is reported to cause gastro-intestinal problems.

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Rajasthan (western): Urojio, Rhionja, Safed-kikar, Khejra
[Bhandari (1974) writes that King's (1869) identification is incorrect and that this is, in fact, Prosopis cineraria (L.) Macbride. Soil types favored by plant (Rajasthan, western): dry múrúm piedmont soils; rocky, gravelly pediments.

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