Purdue University offers a wide variety of Bionutrition Services to support research protocols both within and outside the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI).  With the infrastructure to support numerous research project, staff work with investigators to provide guidance and collaboration throughout the research spectrum:

  • assist in proposal development and budgeting
  • design nutrient-controlled research diets and menu planning
  • meal preparation and packing services
  • determine the appropriate diet outcomes for analysis
  • calculation of nutrient and food related variables
  • preparation of dietary composites for laboratory nutrient analysis
  • oversight of protocol procedures (i.e., randomization, coding, and blinding)
  • interpretation of diet and nutrition data

Purdue Bionutrition encompasses over 3,000 square feet with eight individual food prep stations, four stoves, multiple refrigerators and freezers, and dry storage. A feeding room is connected to the kitchen to allow for implementation of on-site controlled feeding protocols.


ServicesInternal RateExternal Rate
Study Manager$1,800$2,818
Isocaloric Gram Weight Menu Development$1,450$2,255
Acute Test Meal Menu Development$156$242
Acute Test Meal Tray$27$42
Full Service Snack$6$9
Fully Prepared Gram Weighed Meal$18$28
Pack out Gram Weighed Raw Ingredients$8$12
Protocol Management$52$81
Remote Studies$50$78
Consulting - Bionutrition Manager$52$81
Consulting - RD$34$53

Contact Purdue CRC Staff for qualifying internal rates.