Nutrition, Fitness, and Health alumna created Amazon Video series

As Purdue celebrates 150 Years of Giant Leaps, we recognize Maggie Binkley, HHS alumna and fitness instructor from Indianapolis who embodies the Boilermaker spirit, health, and longevity.

Purdue University Nutrition graduate Maggie Binkley (BS Nutrition, Fitness & Health) was inspired to create her own Amazon Prime Video fitness video series. We caught up with her about life at Purdue and becoming a fitness instructor.

College of Health and Human Sciences: We recently read about your Amazon Prime Video fitness video series. What was your inspiration for getting started? 

Maggie Binkley: It’s actually kind of a crazy, atypical story. I have always wanted to create and publish my own fitness videos, but with the amount of competition already out there (there are thousands!), I never really thought it would be a good use of my time.

Then back in 2015, my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) wrote, directed, and produced a thriller/horror film. In 2016, he discovered the Amazon platform that had been created ultimately to provide Indie filmmakers a place to showcase their work to the world.

He put his film on the platform, and it absolutely blew up. People were watching from everywhere. He actually ended up being the first winner of a contest Amazon held for videos on the platform and we were invited to the Sundance Film Festival as a result of the film’s success (yes, I am proud of him). Binkley’s husband is Justin Doescher, director of The Break In; actor in House of Cards and Veep

Maggie Binkley’s 15-Minute workout video series is on Amazon Prime. She focuses primarily on fitness without the use of equipment.

He saw the opportunity for me to provide fitness videos to people around the world, free to those with Prime, or at least accessible to those with access to Amazon Video. I was skeptical about the number of people I would actually reach, but I decided to give it a try. I put together a workout plan comprised of 15-minute videos. As a fitness professional, I see the #1 hurdle for people creating and sticking with a fitness routine is TIME. We are all so busy, and while there are so many answers out there to get fit, many of them require a lot of time.

Fitness is not all about time. It’s about effectiveness. I wanted to provide quick, effective workouts to people who struggle to create a consistent routine because of this limited time. I want time to never be an excuse when it comes to fitness, because it can provide SO much happiness. So that’s what I set out to do. 

HHS: Were you involved in any clubs/activities at Purdue?

Maggie: I was not. I have always been a little introverted and shy, and this was definitely reflected in my activities in college. I focused on schoolwork, and that was most of it! 

HHS: Any other thoughts about Purdue or your career in fitness?

Maggie: I have always given Purdue a lot of credit when it comes to where I am today. The education it provided me — as well as the path it helped to lead me down — is something I don’t believe would be the same without my experiences in West Lafayette… not to mention people from around the world KNOW the school Purdue University and I am always proud to say that’s where I went. Even out here on the East Coast, it amazes me what people know about Purdue, and it absolutely gives me a huge sense of pride to be an alumna.

Maggie Binkley is from Indianapolis and now lives with her family in Baltimore. Learn more at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Her 15-Minute workout series is available on Amazon Prime Video.