Fall 2019

Cover of fall 2019 issue

Cover Story:

Beyond 'You Are What You Eat' 

HHS researchers work to unravel obesity biology and behavior, with surprising results.

Fall 2018

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Cover Story:

With Honors

Meet 150th Anniversary Professor David Rollock and other acclaimed HHS teachers


Fall 2017

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Cover Story:

What's for Dinner

Convenience, Health, Fuel Growth in Boxed-Food Delivery Industry

Fall 2016

Cover of fall 2016 issue

Cover Story:

Boundless Collaboration

Purdue Autism Cluster brings diverse research pieces together


Fall 2015

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Cover Story:

Ingredients for Success

HHS entrepreneurs mix it up.

Fall 2014

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Cover Story:


The surprising connection between sleep and children's weight.

Fall 2013

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Cover Story:

Then & Now

Remembering the past. Celebrating the present.

Fall 2012

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Cover Story:


Purdue HHS continues to create a campus atmosphere that maximizes our learning, discovery and engagement mission.

Winter 2012

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Cover Story:

What's in a Name?

From infant/toddler research to finding a better way through old age, the College of Health and Human sciences is focused on making life better.