If you could only eat one food...

photo by Charles Jischke

While the “health side” of us knows a healthy diet includes a variety of nutritious foods every day, our “human side” thought it would be interesting to hear responses to the question:

If you could only eat one food for an entire month, what would it be and why?

Send your food choice along with your name, your major and graduation year (if applicable) to: HHSLife360@purdue.edu. We’ll add responses to this page each month through March 2017.

What did you say?

Angie Abbott, Program Leader and Assistant Dean of HHS Extension

Red raspberries!  They’re a perfect combination of a sweet and sharp taste. They’re loaded with fiber, vitamin C and phytochemicals – so I can enjoy the taste while benefiting from their nutrition package!

Thomas Berndt,  Senior Associate Dean for HHS Academic Affairs and Administration

Home-made bread – but all varieties. Why? Bread is “the staff of life.”

Denise Buhrmester, Director of HHS Communications

Unsalted, deluxe, roasted mixed nuts. I already eat them twice a day, so what’s a few more.

Liping Cai, Associate Dean for HHS Diversity and International Programs

Fried rice with meat and veggies because it is nutritiously sustainable to human health.

Michele Forman, Department of Nutrition Science

Greek yogurt. It is highly nutritious, a good source of protein, and is available mixed with nuts, chocolate, caramel, fruit, dill and other great ingredients. This food is not boring!  The texture is yummy and when mixed with flavors can be exceptional.

Doran French, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Books: I devour them.

Timothy Gavin, Department of Health and Kinesiology

Bread because it tastes awesome.

Richard Ghiselli, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management; Interim Head, Department of Consumer Science

Eggs – because you can cook them as many ways as there are folds in a toque.  (100 ways.)

Shane Hawkins-Wilding, Director of HHS Student Services

Pepperoni pizza. I pretty much eat it every day already.

Christine Ladisch, Dean

Ice cream

Richard Mattes, Director of Public Health Graduate Program

Boiled liver – I wouldn’t want to develop an aversion to anything I actually liked.

David Rollock, Department of Psychological Sciences

Ice cream. Because it’s ice cream. I’d pledge to do the extra exercise later.

Charles Santerre, School of Health Sciences

There is not one food that would provide all essential nutrients. In addition, most people would suffer fatigue from eating a single food after a couple weeks. People are most healthy and happy when consuming a diverse diet that includes foods from all My Plate categories.

Judith Schumaker, Director of HHS Advancement

Coffee or Cabernet…both sustain me.

Anita Tuttle, Director of HHS Information Technology

Pizza. I love pizza dough/any carb and cheese. Both of my favorites.

Amanda Wright Swanger, Web/Graphic Designer, College of Health and Human Sciences

Eggs. I would never EVER get tired of eggs. Ever.

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