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If you have young children, you’ve most likely been asked, “What‘s for dinner?” more than a few times. It was a common question in our household while our two children were growing up. Although they’re now adults and have been out of the house for a few years, the question is still being asked — my husband, Mike, and I ask it of each other. It’s a simple question, but one that can be difficult to answer unless you’ve planned your meals and shopped for the ingredients ahead of time. Our cover story takes a look at the “boxed-dinner” or “meal-kit” trend to explore its pros and cons and what it could mean for your health, your wallet, and the future of the food industry. As a regular subscriber (two times per month) to a meal-kit delivery service, I enjoy the convenience of having ingredients to prepare a delicious meal delivered right to my door. Plus, it’s fun to try new foods, seasonings and recipes.

Perhaps you’ve seen our new tagline, “Making Lives Better.” It describes precisely HHS’ learning, discovery and engagement programs as well as the work of our students and alumni. As you turn the pages of this issue, you’ll see stories of people who are indeed making lives better, like the HHS researchers who are ​working to prevent, identify and treat various forms of dementia, and the generous donors who’ve made it possible for the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences to build an outdoor learning space designed to investigate and enhance communication, social, and sensory-motor skills of children with communication challenges such as autism.

Of course, hospitality plays a key role in making lives better. We’re excited to introduce you to Paul Miller (HTM ’96), owner and operator of The Union Kitchen restaurant in Houston.  Inspiration for Paul’s restaurant came from his memories of time spent in the Purdue Memorial Union. In just seven years, this impressive entrepreneur has expanded his hospitality business to include seven restaurants, a banquet hall and a food truck.​

I am moved by the generosity of HHS alumni and friends and their commitment to helping make HHS a leader in health and human sciences education, research, and outreach through contributions to Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University. Collectively, you have contributed an astounding $66.9 million toward HHS’ $77 million goal! Your support is making a difference in our quest to educate tomorrow’s health care, social sciences, business and education leaders; understand and treat current and emerging challenges to health and well-being; and achieve our overall mission to make lives better. Thank you!

Hail Purdue!

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