The Digital Divide: How Does it Divide Hoosiers – Indiana’s 23rd Family Impact Seminar

The issue overview report for the 23rd Indiana Family Impact Seminar, The Digital Divide: How Does it Divide Hoosiers, is now available. This report provides an overview of the issues covered in the seminar, which took place on 12/10/2020. The report is a collaboration of Christine McCall, Family Policy Intern and 2020 recipient of the Levien Family Policy Scholarship; Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Center for Families Director; and Rob Duncan, Family Policy Scholar.

The pandemic has highlighted the “digital divide”. Broadband access varies widely across Indiana, and affects key elements of the state budget including K-12 education and health care. This Family Impact Seminar shared evidence about useful policy strategies and featured the following presentations.

  • The State of Broadband in Indiana presented by Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Director – Purdue Center for Regional Development / C&RE Extension Specialist at Purdue University
  • The Digital Divide and Education presented by Dr. Laura Stelitano, Associate Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation
  • Digitally Invisible and the New Underclass presented by Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, Director – Center for Technology Innovation / Senior Fellow – Governance Studies at the Brooking Institution 

The Indiana Family Impact Seminars are held annually for Indiana Legislators and Policymakers, aimed to provide objective, high-quality research on family issues to: (1) build greater respect for and use of research in policy decisions; (2) encourage policymakers to examine policies and programs through the lens of family impacts; (3) provide neutral, nonpartisan opportunities for legislators to engage in open dialogue for fostering relationships and finding common ground.

The Seminars are a project of the Indiana Consortium of Family Organizations which includes: Center for Families, Purdue University; Department of Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies, Ball State University; Families First; Health and Human Sciences Extension, Purdue University; Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute; Indiana Extension Homemakers Association; Marion County Commission On Youth, Inc. (MCCOY Inc.); and National Association of Social Workers – Indiana Chapter.

Learn more about the Indiana Family Impact Seminars and view past seminars and reports.

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