The Center for Families offers internships and research grants to students based on the quality of the student’s academic accomplishments and the fit of their work with the Center for Families’ mission and ongoing work.

How to Apply. Questions? Contact the Center for Families at cff@purdue.edu.

Research Enhancement Grant ($500)

This grant is given to faculty to fund student training and involvement in research. Funds can be used for student travel to research or training opportunities, or to provide stipends for undergraduate members of research teams. Faculty members apply on behalf of students. Up to 2 awards of $500 are given each year.

Center for Families Internship (Undergraduate, 390 Credit)


The internship provides students the opportunity to become more informed about family research and to gain real-world experience working on Center for Families projects. Interns will assist with event/meeting planning, stakeholder engagement, communications and marketing, and basic project management and administrative tasks.

Candidates should have strong communication and organizational skills, and be able to work with limited supervision on multiple projects. PR/COMM, OBHR, and HTM majors are encouraged to apply.

The Center for Families Internship is available every year. To apply, submit a cover letter and your resume to cff@purdue.edu.

Research with Families Internship (Graduate and Undergraduate – 59000 & 39000 credit)

Students who are interested in hands-on experience conducting research with families and/or children are invited to apply for a research internship with CFF. Several large projects affiliated with the center are in the process of gathering, entering, and analyzing a variety of types of data. It may be possible for student interns to access data from these projects for honors projects, theses, or dissertations. These internships are available in any semester.

If you have research you’re interested in doing with the Center for Families, email cff@purdue.edu to inquire about the possibility of a Research with Families Internship.

Developmental Studies Laboratory Research Assistantship (Undergrad 390 or 490 credit)

The Developmental Studies Laboratory at Purdue University has a rolling recruitment of undergraduate research assistants. With Dr. A.J. Schwichtenberg students will become an integral component of the lab with opportunities across several studies that research families raising children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental concerns. Some areas of focus are autism identification, sleep, self-regulation, language development, parent-child social interactions, and family context.

Research duties may include: reading research articles, writing experience reflections, coding videos, video-recording laboratory visits, preparing physiological data, or learning and preparing materials for standardized developmental assessments (e.g., Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Mullen Scales of Early Learning).

Professional development opportunities may include: research experience for your vita or resume, data for the Purdue Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium, mentorship for a submission to the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR), graduate application mentoring, a letter of recommendation for graduate school, and joining team presentations at national and international conferences (e.g., Society for Research in Child Development).

Positions are available for a one calendar-year experience (10 hours per week).  Please send a cover letter and your current vita/resume to A.J. Schwichtenberg (ajschwichtenberg@purdue.edu) to apply.
Other Research Opportunities

For students who are interested in hands-on experience conducting research with families and/or children, learn more about undergraduate research opportunities in the Department of Human Development and Families Studies.