Levien Family Policy Scholarship and Internship

Policy Internship – Graduate – 59000 credit

The Center for Families presents annual Family Impact Seminars to Indiana policy makers. These seminars educate state legislators about the implications for families of policy issues they are considering. Along with this internship, recipients will receive the Levien Scholarship, which was created to support students committed to fostering family values and bettering families. Each intern will receive a $1000 scholarship based on the quality of the student’s academic accomplishments and the fit of their work with the mission and ongoing work of the Center for Families.

CFF is happy to offer students two different possible internships:

Summer/Fall – The Summer/Fall Levien Family Policy Intern will begin the process of planning the Indiana Family Impact Seminar. This includes working with sponsoring organizations and legislators, conducting library research, and translating research to inform policymakers. (1 credit summer; 3 credits fall)

Fall /Spring – The Fall/Spring Levien Family Policy Intern will join the planning of the Indiana Family Impact Seminar and then conduct follow up research to the Indiana Family Impact Seminar and assist the Family Impact Institute in its efforts. (3 credits fall; 1 to 2 credits spring)

This scholarship is available thanks to the Leo and Elva Levien Family Fund for the Center for Families.

Student Scholarship and Internships Applicant Requirements

  1. Guidelines for submissions
    1. Completed cover sheet (download PDF or DOCX version)
    2. Memo no longer than 3 double-spaced pages in which you:
      1. Summarize your qualifications – explain why you should be chosen as the intern and recipient
      2. Explain what you plan to accomplish and hope to gain.
      3. Explain how the work you plan will help the Center for Families and its audiences.
    3. Include a copy of unofficial transcripts.
    4. A letter of support from the student’s advisor in which they indicate what year of study.
    5. Cover sheet, memo, transcripts, and letter(s) of support must be combined into one files and submitted in PDF format to cff@purdue.edu with award you are applying for in the email subject line.
  2. To accept the internship, students must be able to take the agreed upon credit hours. Summer/Fall intern will need to take on one-credit hour in the Summer 2019 and three-credit hours Fall 2019. The Fall/Spring intern will need to take on three-credit hours in the Fall 2019 and one to two credit hours in the Spring 2010.
    1. To receive full credit, interns are responsible for agreed upon deliverables as outlined by the annual program.
  3. If the opportunity received is supported by a specific donor or fund, the recipient will be expected to communicate
    with the donor about the project/research.