Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Students who have chosen a field of study that combines one, or multiple academic disciplines with the study of the families are encouraged to apply for this grant. e.g. Child-parent relationships in organized youth sports (Health and Kinesiology and Human Development and Family Studies). The work must be supervised by two faculty members. The $500 award will be given based on the quality of the student’s academic accomplishments and the fit of their work with the mission and ongoing work of the Center for Families.

This award is possible due to the generosity of Dr. Travis Dorsch and Dr. Breanna Studenka.

Student Funding Submission Requirements

  1. Guidelines for submissions
    1. Completed cover sheet (download PDF or DOCX version)
    2. Memo no longer than 3 double-spaced pages in which you:
      1. Identify the resource you are requesting and how it will be allocated (i.e., if you are asking for money, how much and how will it be spent).
      2. Explain what you plan to accomplish using the resource (e.g., what work will you complete).
      3. Explain how the work you plan will help the Center for Families and its audiences.
      4. Summarize your qualifications – explain why you should be chosen as the recipient.
    3. Include a copy of unofficial transcripts
    4. A letter of support from the faculty member(s) who has agreed to supervise the award work.
    5. Cover sheet, memo and letter(s) of support must be combined into one file and submitted in PDF format to with award you are applying for in the email subject line.
  2. A report summarizing the work completed must be submitted two months after the work is completed.
  3. If the funding received is supported by a specific donor or fund, the recipient will be expected to communicate with the donor(s) about the award/research.
  4. All publications or products completed with Center for Families support should acknowledge that support.