Director Barbara Mayfield, MS, RDN

Barbara Mayfield is a nutrition educator specializing in helping children and families build healthy relationships with food and each other. She is the founder of Nutrition Communicator, LLC, to help nutrition professionals become confident communicators – She is also currently serving as Editor-in-Chief for a nutrition communications text for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Mayfield retired as a continuing lecturer in the Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue University where she taught Nutrition Communications, a capstone course in which seniors learn how to effectively communicate their knowledge of foods and nutrition to the public and their professional peers. She also teaches courses in Dietary Guidance and Public Health Nutrition. In addition to teaching, she has worked with extension specialists on a Team Nutrition grant to create workshops and resources for child care programs to promote healthier meals and family style service.

Mayfield was also founder and president of Noteworthy Creations, Inc., a nutrition education resource company she led for nearly two decades. She continues to develop nutrition education resources, and consults, writes, and speaks to nutritionists and educators across the country about nutrition education. She has published nutrition curricula for preschoolers, early elementary, high school, college, and professional audiences. She is best known for teaching nutrition through music, which has earned her the nickname, “The Singing Dietitian.”

Mayfield spent 20 years serving Hoosier families as a nutrition educator, breastfeeding coordinator, and program coordinator for a local WIC (Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) program and 15 years working as an early intervention specialist with Indiana’s First Steps program.

Despite juggling a busy work schedule, Mayfield enjoyed meals with her family nearly every day as her children were growing up in their Delphi home, thanks to the support of her husband Joe. The Mayfield’s are a Boilermaker family. She and her husband are both alums, as are their children: Jenny, Joey, and Chris. While students here, a regular “date” with mom was lunch once a week on campus. The children now have family meals of their own, but return home often to the expanding family table to celebrate food and family.

Barbara Mayfield, MS, RD
Founder, Nutrition Communicator, LLC – Helping Nutrition Professionals become Confident Communicators