2012 Kanter Award

2012 Winner

Sayer, L.C., England, P., Allison, P.D., & Kangas, K. (2011). She Left, He Left: How Employment and Satisfaction Affect Women’s and Men’s Decisions to Leave Marriages. American Journal of Sociology 116:6, 1982-2018.

2012 Finalists

Greenman, E. (2011). Asian American–White Differences in the Effect of Motherhood on Career Outcomes. Work and Occupations 38(1), 37–67.

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Petersen, T., Penner, A., & Hogsnes, G. (2011). “The Male Marital Wage Premium: Sorting Versus Differential Pay,” Industrial & Labor Relations Review 64:2, article 4, 283-304.

2012 Nominees

Chuang, Y., Church, R., & Ophir, R. (2011). Taking Sides: The Interactive Influences of Institutional Mechanisms on the Adoption of Same-Sex Partner Health Benefits by Fortune 500 Corporations, 1990–2003. Organization Science 22(1), 190–209.

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