Economic & Social Research Council Webinar on November 13th: Homeworking, Uncertainty, the Pandemic and Well-being

Register for the ESRC Festival of Science 2020: A webinar reporting research on wellbeing and work–life balance during the lockdown of all types of university employees, including key workers. It focuses on the effects of homeworking and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. It provides evidence on how professional workers, and others able to work at home, are coping in the pandemic, which will help managers and employees make decisions about the future use of homeworking. 


Chair: Dr Elizabeth Hurren (History, University of Leicester)

1. Introduction from Professor Stephen Wood, University of Leicester School of Business

2. Comment from Kate Bell, Head of Rights, International Social and Economics, TUC

3. Q&A using the chat function

4. Presentation by Dr George Michaelides, University of East Anglia Business School.

5. Comment from Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD.

6. Q&A using the chat function.

7. Chair’s summing up.



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