The Freeform Research Team



Dr. Jennifer DeBoer

-Principal Investigator-

Jennifer DeBoer is currently Assistant Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Her research focuses on international education systems, individual and social development, technology use and STEM learning, and educational environments for diverse learners.




BergerDr. Edward Berger

-Co-Principal Investigator-

Edward Berger is an Associate Professor of Engineering Education and Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, joining Purdue in August 2014. He has been teaching mechanics for nearly 20 years, and has worked extensively on the integration and assessment of specific technology interventions in mechanics classes. He was one of the co-leaders in 2013-2014 of the ASEE Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) for mechanics educators across the country.  


_dsc1172Dr. Jeffrey Rhoads

-Co-Principal Investigator-

Jeffrey F. (Jeff) Rhoads is an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and is affiliated with both the Birck Nanotechnology Center and Ray W. Herrick Laboratories at the same institution. Dr. Rhoads’ current research interests include the predictive design, analysis, and implementation of resonant micro/nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) for use in chemical and biological sensing, electromechanical signal processing, and computing; the dynamics of parametrically-excited systems and coupled oscillators; the behavior of electromechanical and thermomechanical systems, including energetic materials, operating in rich, multi-physics environments; and mechanics education. Dr. Rhoads is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), where he serves on the Design, Materials and Manufacturing Segment Leadership Team and the Design Engineering Division’s Technical Committees on Micro/Nanosystems and Vibration and Sound.  


KousgrillDr. Charles Krousgrill

Charles M. Krousgrill is a Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and is affiliated with the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories at the same institution. He received his B.S.M.E. from Purdue University and received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Mechanics from Caltech. Dr. Krousgrill’s current research interests include the vibration, nonlinear dynamics, friction-induced oscillations, gear rattle vibrations, dynamics of clutch and brake systems and damage detection in rotor systems. Dr. Krousgrill is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). He has received the H.L. Solberg Teaching Award (Purdue ME) seven times, A.A. Potter Teaching Award (Purdue Engineering) three times, the Charles B. Murphy Teaching Award (Purdue University), Purdue’s Help Students Learn Award, the Special Boilermaker Award (given here for contributions to undergraduate education) and is the 2011 recipient of the ASEE Mechanics Division’s Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award.    


Yonghee Lee


Yonghee Lee is a postdoctoral researcher for MEERcat. His research focuses on scientific argumentation and classroom discourse, technology use and student-centered instruction, and engineering education reform and institutional culture.




Ruth Rothstein

-Project Coordinator-

Ruth Rothstein is the Project Coordinator for MEERCat, and drives and supports a variety of initiatives to positively impact the professional formation of engineers. Ruth earned a BA in Sociology from the University of California, Davis in 2015. She initiated her professional career organizing political campaigns in the non-profit sector and worked in industry at Tesla as an Energy Advisor managing residential solar installations.  



Chuhao Wu

-Research Assistant-

Chuhao Wu is currently Research Assistant for MEERCat. He performs both quantitative and qualitative analysis on students and faculty data to drive insights into engineering education. Chuhao obtained a MS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in 2019. His previous research focuses on human factors and physiological sensing for cognitive aspects.


Graduate Students

_dsc1167David Evenhouse

David Evenhouse is a Graduate Student and Research Assistant in the Purdue School of Engineering Education. He graduated from Calvin College in the Spring of 2015 with a B.S.E. concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. Experiences during his undergraduate years included a semester in Spain, taking classes at the Universidad de Oviedo and the Escuela Politécnica de Ingenieria de Gijón, as well as multiple internships in Manufacturing and Quality Engineering. His current work primarily investigates the effects of select emergent pedagogies upon student and instructor performance and experience at the collegiate level. Other interests include engineering ethics, engineering philosophy, and the intersecting concerns of engineering industry and higher academia.    



Wonki Lee

Wonki Lee is pursuing her Ph.D. in Education, Curriculum Instruction, Language and Literacy at Purdue University. She received her bachelor's and master's, specializing in Korean language education as a second/foreign language, from Seoul National University, South Korea. Prior to her doctoral studies in the United States, she worked as a Korean teacher for 6 years and pursued her Ph.D. in South Korea. Her research interests are knowledge assessments for second language learners, and teacher education in multicultural settings.



Daeyeoul Lee

Daeyeoul Lee is a Ph.D. candidate in the Learning Design and Technology program at Purdue University. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Educational Technology in South Korea. His main research interest is self-regulated learning, and is especially interested in self-regulated learning and motivational beliefs in Massive Open Online Courses. He is now a research assistant in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University.


Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE)

David Nelson

David B. Nelson is Associate Director of the Center for Instructional Excellence at Purdue University. He received his Ph.D in World History from the University of California, Irvine in 2008. David has been involved in many educational research projects at Purdue, including published worked in the programming education, student engagement and academic performance in dynamics engineering courses, and educational modalities in engineering, technology and economics.


Angelika Zissimopoulos

Angelika Zissimopoulos holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering From Northwestern University. She is currently the Associate Director for STEM education at the University of Chicago.


Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness (OIRAE)


Craig Zywicki

Craig Zywicki is a Assessment & Data Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness at Purdue University.