Homework submission guidelines

This semester you will use Gradescope to electronically submit, and receive feedback on, all  homework problems. Gradescope is intuitive and easy to use, and it works well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Here are some Gradescope resources for you, all of which describe how students can upload their work to Gradescope for grading:

Our tips for turning in great homework:

  1. Follow the homework template attached to the course syllabus.
  2. We generally recommend that you upload a single PDF file for your homework (rather than a set of images), because you can control the scan parameters for your PDF file (to control file size). A black-and-white (rather than grayscale) scan is preferred.
  3. It's also really helpful if you start each new problem on a new page. It's a much cleaner division of your work, both on paper and in Gradescope.

If you need help or have questions about homework submission, please send us a note and we'll be glad to help.