Animations and demos

CHAPTER 2: axial stress and strain
Negative Poisson's ratio

CHAPTER 3: shear stress and strain
Strains in rods

CHAPTER 5: general states of stress and strain
Linear superposition of strains

CHAPTER 6: axial deformations
Indeterminate rods
Indeterminate trusses

CHAPTER 7: thermal strains
Thermal strains and stresses

CHAPTER 8: torsion: shear stress/strain and deformations
Fundamental results for torsion in circular shafts

CHAPTER 10: stresses in beams
Shear stress in beams

CHAPTER 11: beam deflections 
Beam deflections and boundary conditions

CHAPTER 13: stress transformations
Becoming familiar with Mohr's circle
Some Mohr's circle examples
The Mohr Explainer

CHAPTER 14: combined states of stress
Superposition of six sets of stress components

CHAPTER 15: failure analysis
Failure boundaries and Mohr's circle

CHAPTER 17: finite element methods
Building the stiffness matrix and forcing vector

CHAPTER 18: buckling
Simple model for buckling

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