Example soln videos

Below you will find videos of each of the examples included in the course lecturebook.  Please review them as you work to complete your homework and prepare for course examinations.  As always, if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Chapter 0:

Example 0.A.1
Example 0.A.2
Example 0.A.3
Example 0.B.1
Example 0.B.2
Example 0.B.3
Example 0.C.1
Example 0.C.2
Example 0.C.3
Example 0.C.4

Chapter 1:

Example 1.A.1
Example 1.A.2
Example 1.A.3
Example 1.A.4
Example 1.B.1
Example 1.B.2
Example 1.C.1
Example 1.C.2
Example 1.C.3
Example 1.C.4
Example 1.D.1
Example 1.D.2
Example 1.D.3
Example 1.D.4
Example 1.D.5
Example 1.D.6

Chapter 2:

Example 2.A.1
Example 2.A.2
Example 2.A.3
Example 2.A.4
Example 2.A.5
Example 2.A.6
Example 2.A.7
Example 2.A.8
Example 2.A.9
Example 2.A.10
Example 2.B.1
Example 2.B.2
Example 2.B.3
Example 2.B.4
Example 2.B.5
Example 2.B.6
Example 2.B.7
Example 2.B.8
Example 2.C.1
Example 2.C.2

Chapter 3:

Example 3.A.1
Example 3.A.2
Example 3.A.3
Example 3.A.4
Example 3.A.5
Example 3.A.6
Example 3.A.7
Example 3.B.1
Example 3.B.2
Example 3.B.3
Example 3.B.4
Example 3.B.5
Example 3.B.6
Example 3.B.7
Example 3.B.8
Example 3.B.9
Example 3.B.10
Example 3.B.11

Chapter 4:

Example 4.A.1
Example 4.A.2
Example 4.A.3
Example 4.A.4
Example 4.A.5
Example 4.A.6
Example 4.A.7
Example 4.A.8
Example 4.A.9
Example 4.A.10
Example 4.A.11
Example 4.A.12
Example 4.A.13
Example 4.A.14
Example 4.A.15
Example 4.B.1
Example 4.B.2
Example 4.B.3
Example 4.B.4
Example 4.B.5
Example 4.B.6
Example 4.B.7
Example 4.B.8
Example 4.C.1
Example 4.C.2
Example 4.C.3
Example 4.C.4
Example 4.C.5
Example 4.C.6
Example 4.C.7
Example 4.C.8
Example 4.C.9
Example 4.C.10
Example 4.C.11
Example 4.C.12
Example 4.C.13
Example 4.D.1
Example 4.D.2
Example 4.D.3
Example 4.D.4
Example 4.D.5
Example 4.D.6
Example 4.D.7

Chapter 5:

Example 5.A.1
Example 5.A.2
Example 5.A.3
Example 5.A.4
Example 5.A.5
Example 5.A.6
Example 5.A.7
Example 5.A.8
Example 5.A.9
Example 5.A.10
Example 5.A.11
Example 5.A.12
Example 5.A.13
Example 5.A.14
Example 5.A.15
Example 5.A.16
Example 5.A.17
Example 5.B.1
Example 5.B.2
Example 5.B.3
Example 5.B.4
Example 5.B.5
Example 5.B.6
Example 5.B.7
Example 5.B.8
Example 5.B.9
Example 5.B.10
Example 5.C.1
Example 5.C.2
Example 5.C.3
Example 5.C.4
Example 5.C.5
Example 5.C.6
Example 5.C.7
Example 5.C.8
Example 5.C.9

Chapter 6:

Example 6.A.1
Example 6.A.2
Example 6.A.3
Example 6.B.1
Example 6.B.2
Example 6.B.3
Example 6.B.4
Example 6.B.5
Example 6.B.6
Example 6.B.7
Example 6.B.8
Example 6.B.9
Example 6.B.10
Example 6.B.11
Example 6.B.12
Example 6.B.13
Example 6.B.14
Example 6.B.15
Example 6.C.1
Example 6.C.2
Example 6.C.3
Example 6.C.4
Example 6.C.5
Example 6.C.6
Example 6.C.7
Example 6.C.8
Example 6.C.9
Example 6.C.10
Example 6.C.11
Example 6.C.12

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