ME 274 - Fall 2023


Welcome to the ME 274 course website for the Fall 2023 term. The material on this site is a complement to the lecture book for the course. And, all material here is accessible without the need to log in. Please review the resources that are available to you in the links on the left sidebar of the page. Logging in is required only for adding comments to the blog posts. Read me for instructions in logging in to the website.

 Have a good semester!

The Daily Schedule page (for both sections of the course) provides you with a guide on what you will be covering on each day.

The Homework/Discussion  page provides you with the following:  i) download links for homework problems; ii) discussion threads on homework sets; and iii) links to homework problem solution videos.

The Course Material page provides links to: i) animations/demos; ii) course admin information, including tutorial and office hours; iii) lecture book example solution videos; iii) homework submission instructions; iv) Visualizing Mechanics (a collection of real-life demos of concepts in mechanics).