Potential Students and Postdocs

I am always looking for talented and ambitious graduate students (and postdocs, when able). Stipends at Purdue are generous, and all of my former students have gone on to productive careers in biology.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to keep my webpages updated as regularly as I should–thus many listed projects are far out of date.

Prospective students/postdocs should be aware that since June 2014, my Purdue appointment has been in absentia.  Because of personal factors that largely revolve around my special needs daughter, her medical fragility, and her specialized private school, I live in Texas and am on Purdue’s campus irregularly.  Of course, I meet with students as needed (often daily) on Zoom or its equivalent, the email among us is seemingly nonstop, and we conduct weekly lab meetings (I participate in person when on campus, otherwise via Zoom while others meet in person).  Overall, the arrangement has worked well.  However, prospective lab members should know this in advance and discuss it with current and former lab members as it no doubt has some disadvantages.

If you are still interested in joining my lab or learning more about it, please contact me directly (dewoody@purdue.edu).