The Natural Resources Social Science Lab communicates our research in many ways – we attend multiple conferences and meetings, we publish both in the peer-reviewed literature but also in extension publications, and we conduct webinars.   The two primary (inter)national conferences we attend each year are the International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) and the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS).


Soil and Water Conservation Society logo
2018 Soil & Water Conservation Society meeting logo


- Who has the Power? Implications for Conservation Behavior on Rented Farmland

Pranay Ranjan presenting
AgBMP team

- Common Ground, Common Water: Film as a Tool for Shared Understanding of Water Resource Protection

- Meta-Review of Barriers and Motivations for Farmers to Adopt Conservation s Practices


2018 ISSRM logo
Former and Current NRSS Lab Members
Roberta Weiner


  • Impacts of a Woodland Owner Education Program and Predictors of Success
  • Who has the Power? Implications for Conservation Behavior on Rented Farmland
  • Forging Non-traditional Collaborations: What Skills do Government Agencies Need? Evidence from Two Collaborative Governance Processes in Michigan and Indiana
Utah landscape


  • Crop Insurance and Conservation: Understanding How Crop Insurance Impacts Farmer Decision Making and Adoption of Environmentally-friendly Management Practices
  • Evaluating Program Effectiveness of Extension Community Planning for Natural Resource Management: Graduate Research Study Proposal
  • Towards an Understanding of Whooping Crane Persecution in Indiana
  • Diffusion of Urban Stormwater Management Practices in Wabash River Watershed, Indiana
  • Common Ground, Common Water: Film as a Tool for Shared Understanding of Water Resource Protection
NRSS group
  • Evaluation of the USDA-NRCS National Water Quality Initiative: Comparing Successes and Challenges in Small Watershed Management Across the U.S.
  • Climate Tipping Points and Temperature Targets: The Science Communication Gap at COP23


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2017 SWCS Meeting logo

- What are the most pressing water issues facing the U.S.? Perceptions of federal government staff
- Watershed Planning Lessons Learned by ACPF Users
- Barriers to Conservation Adoption: Evidence from Qualitative Research

Former lab members
Lab members at SWCS 2017

- Understanding Barriers to Adoption of Conservation Practices on Rented Cropland
- So you did a workshop – what did you really accomplish?
- Leveraging Crop Advisers to Deliver Agricultural Conservation Advice and Increase the Adoption of Conservation Practices

ISSRM 2016 conference logo
Belyna Bentlage presenting at the conference
Yuling Gao presenting a poster
Downtown Houghton Michigan
Purdue FNR reception

- Greenwashing Your Food: Impacts of Fieldprint Calculator Use and Commodity Price Incentives on Cover Crop Adoption
- What Marginal Land? Farmers' Perceptions of Marginal Land: An Exploratory Study on Management Practices
- Planting Seeds, Growing Conservation Practices: Field Days and Demonstration Events and Farmers' Adoption of Conservation Practices

Lab group at Lake Michigan

- How to Effectively Target Educational Programs for More Management-Oriented Woodland Owners
- Characteristics of Successful Projects: Perspectives from Project Directors
- Planning a Systemic Review in Environmental Management
- Understanding Public Perceptions of Non-Charismatic Species: Mesopredators