Research Group

Patrick Cavanaugh

Research Staff

B.S. Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering, Purdue University (2023)

Patrick graduated from Purdue in 2023 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He worked in MDLab as an undergraduate research assistant on the Trainer Homologation project for 4 semesters, during which he focused on operating program software development and wireless communication protocols. Currently he assists with the administration of sports application projects in the lab as well as continuing to support research outcomes relating to cycling drivetrain efficiency. Outside of the lab, Patrick competes as a semi-professional triathlete in races around the country, likes to cook, and oversees a hydroponic garden in his backyard.

Teal Dowd

PhD Candidate, Materials Engineering

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University (2018)

Teal Dowd is a Materials Engineering Ph.D. student at Purdue University, researching the performance of lubricants for bicycle roller chains. He led the development of a testing rig that evaluates current and emerging lubricants to increase drivetrain efficiency for high-performance cyclists. This innovative project combines aspects of materials science, tribology, and mechanical engineering. Dowd received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue in 2018 and seamlessly transitioned into a Ph.D. program under the guidance of Dr. Mansson in the MD Lab. His passion for hands-on work and problem-solving drives his research and fuels his curiosity both in and out of the lab. When not tinkering in the lab, Dowd enjoys outdoor adventures, particularly rock climbing, which challenges him both physically and mentally. He also has a keen interest in DIY home improvement projects, allowing him to apply his engineering skills in practical ways.

Sang Bin Moon

PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

B.S. (2014) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering

B.S. (2014) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Business and Technology Management

M.S. (2016) Columbia University, Computer Science

Sang Bin is an Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student at Purdue University where he is co-advised by professors Abolfazl Hashemi (ECE) and Jan-Anders Mansson (MSE/ChE). He joined the Manufacturing Design Lab in November 2022. He will work on cost modeling of novel manufacturing process using machine learning methodologies. His research interests are in reinforcement learning, online learning, cost modeling and data synthesis. Previously, he worked as a Game AI researcher at NCSOFT in South Korea, working on reinforcement learning research and AI development for proprietary games and automatic financial execution. In his free time, he likes to exercise, travel or study random things on the Internet.

Daniel Castro

PhD Student, Computer Science

B.S. Statistics, National University of Colombia (2022)

Daniel is a Computer Science PhD student with a background in Statistics from the National University of Colombia, where he graduated in November 2022. His passion for sports, both as a spectator and a participant, led him to focus on Sports Analytics. His current research centers on developing predictive tools for soccer, using computational methods to manage athlete’s time and space on the field. Daniel gained valuable experience in this field, as an intern in the Data & Analytics department of the International Olympic Committee. In his free time, Daniel enjoys sports, indulging his love for movies, and exploring new destinations, all while being a dedicated cat person.

Adeline Ripberger

PhD Student, Materials Engineering

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Rutgers (2023)

Adeline is a PhD student in Materials Engineering who joined the Ray Ewry Sports Engineering Center in August 2023. She received her Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rutgers University. Her research focuses on tuning sports equipment in order to optimize feel and control for athletes. She is currently investigating the mechanical behavior of tennis rackets to study relationships among physical properties and players’ preferences. Outside of the lab Adeline enjoys cycling, hiking, and watching college basketball.  

Alyson Pickering

Masters Student, Materials Engineering

B.S. Materials Engineering, Purdue University (2024)

B.A. French, Purdue University (2024)

Alyson Pickering is a Materials Engineering Masters student at Purdue University. Her research focuses on technical cost modeling and materials characterization of recycled hybrid molded composites. This project combines the mechanical performance of automotive parts with the costs associated with their manufacturing and seeks to find the balance between cost and performance. Alyson joined MD Lab as an undergrad and has been working towards her masters since the spring of 2024. Outside of lab, Alyson enjoys spending her time outside enjoying nature with hiking or training for triathlons.

Gopal Chitalia

Masters Student, Civil Engineering

B.Tech. Computer Science, International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad (2019)

Gopal Chitalia is a Master’s student in Civil Engineering at Purdue University, advised by Prof. Jan Anders Mansson. His research focuses on fault detection in motors using deep learning, in collaboration with Wistron, and using technical cost modeling to select optimal locations for manufacturing plants across the USA. Additionally, Gopal works with Prof. Junjie Qin on optimizing power networks through transfer learning with large language models. His past roles include positions at the Center for Building Science Lab and the Smart Grid Research Unit. With significant industry experience at ClevAir and, his work enhances energy efficiency and machine learning, leading to notable advancements in energy prediction, with publications in Applied Energy and Nature Scientific Data. In his leisure, Gopal enjoys chess, squash, and passionately supporting Chelsea Football Club.