Instructional Material

First Responders (emergency rescue training)

First Responder Training that provides basic awareness-level training needed by emergency first responders to enhance their ability to safely and effectively respond to entrapments, engulfments, asphyxiation, entanglements, falls, and electrocutions involving operations that transport, store, or process free-flowing agricultural products such as grain, feed, or grain by-products.

  • Train-the-Trainer PowerPoint and comprehensive instructor guide
  • Six instructional PowerPoint presentations, each with extensive instructor notes, including an introductory lesson and 5 units covering issues of agricultural confined spaces and the planning and implementation of grain entrapment rescues
  • Supporting materials including relevant OSHA standards; class management aids such as minimum competencies, participant waivers, pre and post-tests, and evaluations; and relevant supplemental resources relating to grain entrapment rescue

Young & Beginning Farm Workers

The goal of this material is to provide basic awareness level safety and health training needed by young and beginning workers interested in employment in the commercial grain industry or who are already working on family-operated farms with grain storage operations.

  • Instructor guide and class management resources
  • Five PowerPoint units with instructor notes that introduce young workers to grain storage and handling hazards, how to work safely around grain, and emergency response procedures
  • Supporting materials including relevant OSHA standards, youth labor laws including the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order, pre and post-tests, evaluation forms, relevant supplemental resources relating to grain safety, and grain safety videos for younger audiences

Gearing Up for Safety: Production Agriculture Training for Youth

Gearing Up for Safety is a comprehensive agricultural safety and health curriculum designed for young and beginning workers. For youth who are 14 and 15 years of age, this course will provide them with the knowledge and skills required for certification through the Department of Labor’s Hazardous Occupations in Agriculture Order (HOOA). Receiving this certificate enable youth 14 to 15 years of age to perform jobs listed as potentially hazardous such as operating a tractor over 20 PTO hp.

  • 20 high-quality PowerPoint presentations covering a wide range of agriculture safety topics
  • 40 Student-focused activity sheets
  • A glossary of over 400 Agriculture terms with pictures
  • A 10-question review quiz for each PowerPoint lesson
  • Nearly 100 case studies based on actual agricultural injuries
  • A final exam covering all 15 lessons required for HOOA certification