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Eclipse 2024!

March 19, 2024

On April 8, 2024, people across Indiana will enjoy what for many could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience - a total solar eclipse that will be visible over much of the central part of the state.  Citizens, state and local governments, schools, and community organizations have been preparing for this event for years, and we all hope for clear skies that day!

While the eclipse will last only a few minutes, a huge influx of visitors from around the country (and world) are expected throughout the path of totality that day. Whenever that many people gather, especially in smaller communities that may lack services and infrastructure, there are likely to be challenges.  Expect traffic jams, and possibly temporary shortages of supplies such as groceries.

If you live in or near the path of totality, prepare by filling your vehicle with fuel, and have plenty of groceries on hand for a day or two.  If you need to travel, leave early!  Or simply stay at home and view the eclipse from there (while wearing correct eclipse glasses!).  Regardless, don't miss the show!  The crowds will be gone in a few hours, but the next total eclipse visible in the United States won't happen until 2044!

Visit our Eclipse 2024 site to find a wide range of information about the eclipse, including preparation, safety, learning opportunities, and where to be April 8!



Motorists: stay alert and share the road with farm equipment this spring

April 11, 2024

Source: Indiana State Department of Agriculture INDIANAPOLIS (April 10, 2024) — Planting season is quickly approaching for Indiana’s 94,000 farmers. With the warm weather and sunshine, Hoosier motorists will also see more large slow-moving farm equipment traveling Indiana’s rural roads and highways. The Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Department…

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Emergency Preparedness for Rural Families

January 2, 2024

Extension to host multistate emergency preparedness workshop for rural families An upcoming four-part extension workshop for women in agriculture will focus on emergency preparedness for rural families. The program will be a 4-part series, held at numerous locations across Nebraska and Indiana. The series will focus on farm and ranch emergency management, first aid, fire…

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Preparing for Floods and Flash Floods

March 31, 2023

Some simple advance preparation will help you be ready for possible floods in your area. Fire hazards During a flood, fire danger is increased. In addition. fire departments may be unable to get to fires through high water. Watch for these fire hazards on your property: Before floodwaters crest, turn off the main power switch…

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Tractors require extra caution in winter

December 20, 2022

SOURCE: This article was written by Angie Johnson, farm and ranch safety coordinator for North Dakota State University Extension. In addition to her Extension duties, Angie is a cattle and sheep farmer who fully understands the challenges of agricultural work in cold conditions. We thank Angie and NDSU for allowing us to share this great…

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