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Useful Links

Links to commonly used online resources for Purdue graduate students and researchers are provided below:

Links Site Description
BNC Equipment/Training Overview of equipment capabilities and training courses at Birck Nanotechnology Center
nanoHUB Nanoscience and technology resource - access simulation tools, courses, seminars, collaborate, etc.
RAT Tool Reserve a room at a Purdue building of your choice for a seminar, meeting, or thesis defense
Purdue Libraries Find articles using your Purdue login - click on the "Databases" tab and select a database
Web of Knowledge Quick access to journal articles or check the citation index for a particular journal (must be on-campus)
e-Pubs Free access to published works from Purdue, including journal articles, dissertations, conference papers, etc.
Research Submission e-Pubs submission site - submit your published works here so that others can access them for free
Purdue Grad Courses A complete listing of graduate courses offered at Purdue with links to course descriptions for each
Graduate Programs Access Masters and PhD Program information, including Plan of Study and Thesis preparation info.
Mendeley Download Mendeley (Microsoft Word Plug-In) and organize, share, and easily reference papers
itap GoRemote Login with your Purdue account and gain remote software access to Adobe software, Matlab, and more
NCN Network for Computational Nanotechnology homepage
NSAC Organization for graduate students interested in nanotechnology research - join social events, etc.


Conferences and Abstract Deadlines

Device Research Conference (DRC)
Date: June 24-27, 2018
Location: UC Santa Barbara
Deadline for abstracts: Early March, 2018

IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)
Date: December 3-5, 2018
Location:San Francisco, CA
Deadline for abstracts: August, 2018


Appenzeller Group Collaboration

Group Expertise
Chen Lab Nano-scale devices and circuits from synthesized nano-materials and fabricated nano-structures
Yang Research Group Controlled synthesis of nanowires/nanowire heterostructures and characterization of the same
Supriyo Datta Research Group Simulations of spin-devices for logic
Mark Lundstrom Research Group Theory, modeling, and simulation of nanoelectronic devices
Xiuling Li's group at UIUC  III-V semiconductor nanowires/nanorods formation through engineered top-down approach
Jie Shan's group at Penn State Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Ultrafast Optics, Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy
Robert M. Wallace's group at UT Dallas Growth and surface characterization of 2D materials
Brookhaven National Lab Synthesis and analysis of quantum dotted single/multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Alan Seabough's group at Notre Dame Low-power transistors, tunneling devices and circuits, ionic memory, and energy conversion.



Funded Research Projects

NRI Funded Projects

  • Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration (INDEX) – focuses on new phenomena for logic devices, organized in centers of competency around excitonic, quantum-dot spin, magnetic, and graphene devices, with emphasis of fabrication and characterization. (Center: State University of New York (SUNY); Director: Prof. Michael Liehr)

STARnet Funded Projects

  • Function Accelerated nanoMaterial Engineering (FAME) – focuses on pursuing the physics and solutions, theoretically and experimentally for reducing energy dissipation and continued scaling, and to achieve performance benefits of analog/memory/logic and integrated circuits by exploiting unique properties of noval materials. (Center: University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA); Director: Prof. Jane Pei-Chen Chang)
  • Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST) – focuses on searching new material systems and new switching phenomena (both single particle and collective physics) beyond the III-V TFET for low-voltage, low-power devices and systems. (Center: Notre Dame; Director: Prof. Alan C. Seabaugh)



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