“Third Offset” and Advanced Technologies

For decades following World War II, the United States enjoyed unquestioned technological superiority that was seldom challenged by other nations in commercial or military contexts. Today, however, we live in a new era where innovation is global, technologies emerge and advance exponentially fast, and thus economic and military superiority are no longer guaranteed.

In particular, the U.S. can no longer rely on decades of military superiority via so-called technology “offsets” such as nuclear weapons, stealth and GPS. Whether it is quantum computing, cryptography, hypersonic vehicles or artificial intelligence, countries (and companies) around the world are innovating and advancing these and other technologies every day. Our nation must out-invent, out-discover, and out-innovate competitors every day so as to always stay in front of the ever-growing wave of global technology innovation—i.e., achieve a “continuous offset”.

The I-GSDI will accelerate and grow Purdue’s technology contribution to this world of “continuous offset” via increased speed and effectiveness in translating basic research, new discoveries and technology advances into affordable operational products and systems that move quickly into the operational service of defense and security organizations.