Impacting Global Sustainability Overview

A global population explosion and the subsequent need for more food, the rise of the middle class and the growth of urban areas – these are global challenges shaping our future and guiding the research in Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is a research enterprise within Purdue University that has garnered more than $1.15 billion in sponsored research, private and public investments, and infrastructure.  Discovery Park’s unique facilities and shared resources enable opportunities for investigators to work together and strengthen Purdue’s impact on solving global challenges at the nexus of energy, food, water and the environment.

Basic advances working across disciplinary boundaries are advancing energy and resources innovations; deepening our understanding of the science of climate and resilience; and developing new methods and practices to alleviate uncertainty regarding food supply and suffering from malnutrition.

Centers supporting the Impacting Global Sustainability strategic theme work together by focusing on three key areas: Energy and Resources Innovation, The Science of Climate and Resilience, and Food and Nutrition Security.