Drug Discovery Facility

Opened: 2014

Cost: $28 million


Drug Discovery Facility
720 Clinic Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2122


More than 32,000 assignable square feet, including 24,000 square feet for labs, offices, conferences and meetings.


The three-story Drug Discovery Facility is designed to promote the discovery, design and development of new drugs through an innovative architecture that encourages collaborations in chemistry, medicinal chemistry and biology. The facility houses the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery, and accommodates more than 100 multidisciplinary researchers with nine faculty offices. Meeting rooms and common areas on each floor facilitate interaction and collaboration. The building provides facilities for organic synthesis, including over 80 fume hoods, as well as cell culture, analytical chemistry, molecule purification, biochemistry and molecular biology, and fluorescent imaging.

Unique Features

The lab design allows undergraduate and graduate students to observe experiments from outside through glass barriers, watching senior researchers perform experiments without having to knock on a door. While a part of Discovery Park, the facility is located on the main campus in the University's Life and Health Sciences Park, providing state-of-the-art space for synergistic, innovative research and training in the discovery, design and development of new drugs. More than 30 drug compounds developed by Purdue researchers, often in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies or federal agencies, are undergoing preclinical development and 13 molecules are in human clinical trials. The design of the new Drug Discovery Facility fosters greater collaboration, creating new types of spaces for research and learning.


Stuart Michael, Building Manager