Nexus Researchers, Phase 3

Nexus Researchers, Phase 3

Mariel Álvarez Rodríguez profile picture

Mariel Álvarez Rodríguez

Associate Professor of Process Engineering
Lázaro Alberto Anculle Arenas profile picture

Lázaro Alberto Anculle Arenas

Professor of Agronomy
César Augusto Andrade Tacca profile picture

César Augusto Andrade Tacca

Professor of Metallurgical Engineering
Glenn Arce Larrea profile picture

Glenn Arce Larrea

Professor of Economics
Víctor Benigno Ascuña Rivera profile picture

Víctor Benigno Ascuña Rivera

Professor of Process Engineering (┼)
Roxana Margarita Bardales Álvarez profile picture

Roxana Margarita Bardales Álvarez

Professor of Agronomy
Dieudonne Baributsa profile picture

Dieudonne Baributsa

Associate Professor of Entomology
Jonathan Bauchet profile picture

Jonathan Bauchet

Associate Professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Stewart F. Bauserman profile picture

Stewart F. Bauserman

Leadership and Technology
Edwin Freddy Bocardo Delgado profile picture

Edwin Freddy Bocardo Delgado

Professor of Biology
Laura Bowling profile picture

Laura Bowling

Director of NRES, Professor of Agronomy
Sylvie M. Brouder profile picture

Sylvie M. Brouder

Professor of Agronomy
Gary Burniske profile picture

Gary Burniske

Assistant Director, International Programs In Agriculture
Christian Butzke profile picture

Christian Butzke

Professor of Food Science
Patricia Nila Camargo Salcedo profile picture

Patricia Nila Camargo Salcedo

Professor of Agronomy
Rafael Roger Álvaro Carpio Begazo profile picture

Rafael Roger Álvaro Carpio Begazo

Professor of Geology, Geophysics and Mines
Víctor Hugo Casa Coila profile picture

Víctor Hugo Casa Coila

Professor of Agronomy
Yakelin Vanessa Cereceda Quintanilla profile picture

Yakelin Vanessa Cereceda Quintanilla

Professor of Historical Social Sciences
Gustavo Víctor Chávez Ortega profile picture

Gustavo Víctor Chávez Ortega

Engineering, Production and Services
Keith Cherkauer profile picture

Keith Cherkauer

Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Grethel Teresa Choque Delgado profile picture

Grethel Teresa Choque Delgado

Professor of Process Engineering
Luis Alberto Cuadros Fernández profile picture

Luis Alberto Cuadros Fernández

Ricardo David Dávila Ralaiza profile picture

Ricardo David Dávila Ralaiza

Professor of Biological Sciences
Yemina Karen Díaz Valencia profile picture

Yemina Karen Díaz Valencia

Laboratory Technician
Amanda Deering profile picture

Amanda Deering

Clinical Associate Professor of Food Sciences
Amanda Dickson profile picture

Amanda Dickson

International Programs In Agriculture
Antonio Ernesto Durand Gámez profile picture

Antonio Ernesto Durand Gámez

Professor of Process Engineering
David Ebert profile picture

David Ebert

Director, Data Institute for Societal Challenges, Oklahoma University
Gebisa Ejeta profile picture

Gebisa Ejeta

Director of Center for Global Food Security, Distinguished Professor of Agronomy
Emad Elwakil profile picture

Emad Elwakil

Associate Professor of School of Construction Management
Bernard Engel profile picture

Bernard Engel

Dept. Head, Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Timothy Filley profile picture

Timothy Filley

Director of Institute for Resilient Environmental and Energy Systems, (Oklahoma University)
Pedro Bertín Flores Larico profile picture

Pedro Bertín Flores Larico

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Jane Frankenberger profile picture

Jane Frankenberger

Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Jennifer Freeman profile picture

Jennifer Freeman

Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Marty Frisbee profile picture

Marty Frisbee

Associate Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
José Fernando Gárate Delgado profile picture

José Fernando Gárate Delgado

Professor of Process Engineering
José Luis Galdos Gómez profile picture

José Luis Galdos Gómez

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
José García Bravo profile picture

José García Bravo

Associate Professor of Polytechnic Institute
Margaret Gitau profile picture

Margaret Gitau

Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Hermógenes Edgard Gonzáles Zenteno profile picture

Hermógenes Edgard Gonzáles Zenteno

Professor of Geology, Geophysics and Mines
Javier M. González profile picture

Javier M. González

Agricultural Research Service, National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory
Tara Grillos profile picture

Tara Grillos

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Nilupa Gunaratna profile picture

Nilupa Gunaratna

Associate Professor of Health and Human Sciences
Bruce Hamaker profile picture

Bruce Hamaker

Distinguished Professor of Food Science; Roy L. Whistler Chair; Director, Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research
Lori Hoagland profile picture

Lori Hoagland

Nexus Co-Director, Professor of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Chi-Hua Huang profile picture

Chi-Hua Huang

Agricultural Research Service - National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory
William Hutzel profile picture

William Hutzel

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Chad Jafvert profile picture

Chad Jafvert

Lyles Family Professor of Civil Engineering, and Professor of Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Juan Manuel Jara Gonzáles profile picture

Juan Manuel Jara Gonzáles

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Cliff Johnston profile picture

Cliff Johnston

Professor of Agronomy
Ningning Nicole Kong profile picture

Ningning Nicole Kong

Associate Dean for Research, Libraries and School of Information Studies
Adriana Larrea Valdivia profile picture

Adriana Larrea Valdivia

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences, Chemistry
Hugo Jacinto Lastarria Tapia profile picture

Hugo Jacinto Lastarria Tapia

Process Engineering (┼)
Herbert Omar Lazo Rodríguez profile picture

Herbert Omar Lazo Rodríguez

Professor of Biological Sciences
Walter Daniel León-Salas profile picture

Walter Daniel León-Salas

Nexus Co-Director, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology
Linda Lee profile picture

Linda Lee

Professor of Agronomy & EEE/Interim Assistant Dean of Agriculture
Juan Carlos Licona Paniagua profile picture

Juan Carlos Licona Paniagua

Professor of Process Engineering
Juan Andrés Lopa Bolívar profile picture

Juan Andrés Lopa Bolívar

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences, Chemistry
Zhao Ma profile picture

Zhao Ma

Professor of Natural Resource Social Science, Forestry and Natural Resources
Dennis Geofrey Macedo Valdivia profile picture

Dennis Geofrey Macedo Valdivia

Nexus Co-Director, Associate Professor of Agronomy
Marshall Martin profile picture

Marshall Martin

Professor Emeritus
Mayela Elizabeth Mayta Anco profile picture

Mayela Elizabeth Mayta Anco

Professor of Agronomy
Kate Mazer profile picture

Kate Mazer

Sustainable Water Management Coordinator
Sara McMillan profile picture

Sara McMillan

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Greg Michalski profile picture

Greg Michalski

Professor of Chemistry and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Byung-Cheol Min profile picture

Byung-Cheol Min

Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology
Mohsen Mohammadi profile picture

Mohsen Mohammadi

Associate Professor of Agronomy
Lino Félix Morales Paredes profile picture

Lino Félix Morales Paredes

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences, Chemistry
Brittany Newell profile picture

Brittany Newell

Associate Professor of Engineering Technology
Héctor Mayol Novoa Andia profile picture

Héctor Mayol Novoa Andia

Professor of Civil Engineering
Patricia Salas O'Brien profile picture

Patricia Salas O'Brien

Professor of Sociology
Haley Oliver profile picture

Haley Oliver

Professor of Food Sciences
Nancy Ivón Orihuela Ordóñez profile picture

Nancy Ivón Orihuela Ordóñez

Professor of Engineering, Production and Services
Erika Pachari Vera profile picture

Erika Pachari Vera

Professor of Process Engineering
Edwin Jesús Pacheco Parada profile picture

Edwin Jesús Pacheco Parada

Professor of Process Engineering
Suranjan Panigrahi profile picture

Suranjan Panigrahi

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Betty Paredes de Gómez profile picture

Betty Paredes de Gómez

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences
Godofredo Peña Dávila profile picture

Godofredo Peña Dávila

José Porfirio Pinto CÁceres profile picture

José Porfirio Pinto CÁceres

Professor of Agronomy
Mateo Fulgencio Pocco Pinto profile picture

Mateo Fulgencio Pocco Pinto

Professor of Agronomy
Mauricio Postigo Málaga profile picture

Mauricio Postigo Málaga

Professor of Engineering, Production and Services
Linda Prokopy profile picture

Linda Prokopy

Dept. Head and Professor of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Nelly Ramírez Calderón profile picture

Nelly Ramírez Calderón

Professor of Psychology, RR. II. and Communication Sciences
Eduardo Francisco Ramos Cárdenas profile picture

Eduardo Francisco Ramos Cárdenas

Professor of Agronomy
Juan Amílcar Reyes Larico profile picture

Juan Amílcar Reyes Larico

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences, Chemistry
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert profile picture

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

Professor of Agriculture Economics
Giuliana Rondón Saravia profile picture

Giuliana Rondón Saravia

Professor of Process Engineering
Romina Leslie Rondón Chambi profile picture

Romina Leslie Rondón Chambi

Professor of Biology
Alejandro Néstor Salas Begazo profile picture

Alejandro Néstor Salas Begazo

Professor of Process Engineering
Darrell Schulze profile picture

Darrell Schulze

Professor of Agronomy
John Sheffield profile picture

John Sheffield

Professor of Engineering Technology
Chelsea Silva profile picture

Chelsea Silva

Coexistence Coordinator, Forestry and Natural Resources
Diane E. Stott profile picture

Diane E. Stott

Professor of Agronomy
Teresa Rusbi Tejada Purizaca profile picture

Teresa Rusbi Tejada Purizaca

Professor of Process Engineering
Mitch Tuinstra profile picture

Mitch Tuinstra

Professor of Agronomy
Ronald F. Turco profile picture

Ronald F. Turco

Professor of Agronomy
Aníbal Francisco Vicente Vásquez Chicata profile picture

Aníbal Francisco Vicente Vásquez Chicata

Professor of Process Engineering
María del Carmen Valdéz Ortíz profile picture

María del Carmen Valdéz Ortíz

Professor of Biology
María Rosario Valderrama Valencia profile picture

María Rosario Valderrama Valencia

Professor of Biology
Corina Vera Gonzáles profile picture

Corina Vera Gonzáles

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences
Martín Juan Carlos Villalta Soto profile picture

Martín Juan Carlos Villalta Soto

Professor of Agronomy
Miguel Ángel Vizcardo Cornejo profile picture

Miguel Ángel Vizcardo Cornejo

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences
Silvana Mercedes Zoila Vizcarra Núñez profile picture

Silvana Mercedes Zoila Vizcarra Núñez

Professor of Process Engineering
Richard Voyles profile picture

Richard Voyles

Professor of Engineering Technology
Lisa Welp profile picture

Lisa Welp

Associate Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Charles P Woloshuk profile picture

Charles P Woloshuk

Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology
Harry Ricardo Yucra Condori profile picture

Harry Ricardo Yucra Condori

Professor of Process Engineering
Sonia Pilar Yufra Cruz profile picture

Sonia Pilar Yufra Cruz

Professor of Process Engineering
Matilde Yupanqui Mendoza profile picture

Matilde Yupanqui Mendoza

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences
Sebastián Adolfo Zúñiga Medina profile picture

Sebastián Adolfo Zúñiga Medina

Professor of Geology, Geophysics and Mines
Sonia Jackeline Zanabria Gálvez profile picture

Sonia Jackeline Zanabria Gálvez

Professor of Process Engineering
Laura Zanotti profile picture

Laura Zanotti

Professor of Anthropology
Francisco Alejo Zapata profile picture

Francisco Alejo Zapata

Professor of Natural and Formal Sciences, Chemistry
Eliseo Zeballos Zeballos profile picture

Eliseo Zeballos Zeballos

Professor of Sociology
Luis Antonio Baltazar Zegarra Aymara profile picture

Luis Antonio Baltazar Zegarra Aymara

Professor of Agronomy
Cankui Zhang profile picture

Cankui Zhang

Associate Professor of Agronomy
Jian-Kang Zhu profile picture

Jian-Kang Zhu

Professor of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Mark Zimpfer profile picture

Mark Zimpfer

Assistant Professor of Construction Management Technology
Nadya Zyaykina profile picture

Nadya Zyaykina

Environmental and Ecological Engineering Laboratory Manager

┼ Deceased


Lori Hoagland

Lori Hoagland
Professor, Purdue University
Horticulture And Landscape Architecture
Nexus Institute Co-Director

Walter Daniel Leon-Salas

Walter Daniel Leon-Salas
Associate Professor, Purdue University
Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Nexus Institute Co-Director

Dennis Macedo

Dennis Macedo
Associate Professor, UNSA
Nexus Institute Co-Director

Purdue University