Why Discovery Park?

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Purdue Strengths Converge at Discovery Park

A global population explosion and the concomitant need for more energy, food, and water, the aging of the world’s population, the rise of the middle class and the growth of urban areas, the potential emergence of global pandemics, the need for mitigation of, and adaption to global climate change, the evolving and complex dynamics of global conflict – these are among the global challenges shaping our future and guiding the research in Discovery Park.

Some of the answers will be found in the convergence of the physical sciences, life sciences, information science and engineering, which is driving rapid advances in science and technology. But the ultimate solutions to society’s global challenges will require the integration of science and technology advances with complex systems engineering and a deep understanding of policy, regulation and other human dimensions. At Discovery Park, we are bringing together engineers, scientists, policy researchers and other scholars to discern the complexities of these social forces and provide real, transformative solutions.

Purdue Strength and Core Competencies: STEM, Advanced Instrumentation, Nanotechnology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Big Data/Simulation/Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Complex Systems. Strategic Themes Drive the Areas of Focus; Impacting Global Health: The Science of Health and Digital Health. Impacting Global Sustainability: Food and Nutrition Security, The Science of Climate Resilience, and Energy and Resources Innovation; Impacting Global Security: Social/Policy Innovations, Rapid Innovation and Training Ecosystem, and  Third Offset and Advanced Technologies. Outcomes: New Discoveries, Enterprise Development, Policy and Economics, Interdisciplinary Talent.

Purdue’s Core Competencies and Strengths include:

Purdue’s core competencies and strengths contribute to challenges impacting Global Health, Global Sustainability, and Global Security. Challenges being addressed at Discovery Park:

Purdue is a leader in enabling meaningful collaboration and Discovery Park is where talented faculty from multiple disciplines come together to solve problems. 


  • New Discoveries
  • Enterprise Development
  • Policy and Economics
  • Interdisciplinary Talent


  • Healthier, more sustainable societies