Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meetings Text


Hosted by Purdue Extension, the Indiana Organic Grain Farmer meeting increases participant understanding of organic transition, certification, and cropping systems through peer learning and networking. This two-day annual training includes education and full-day workshops on transitioning to organic grain, breakout sessions, farmer panels, networking time, and an industry trade show. Participants have the opportunity to register for one or both days of the program.

Due to COVID-19, the Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting did not take place in 2021. To stay informed about this event and other programs offered by Purdue Extension Organic Agriculture, please check back to get more information to sign up for our newsletter.

Curious about organic grain production and how to get started? Engage in a full-day workshop on transitioning to organic production.
Topics will cover:

  • Certification and transition process
  • National Organic Program regulations
  • Organic and transitional crop budgets and markets
  • Basics of organic grain production
  • Transition strategies


Expand your knowledge of organic grain farming through breakout sessions, farmer panels, networking with producers and professionals, and an industry trade show.
Topics will cover:

  • Diverse cropping systems
  • Managing parallel production
  • Organic no-till research update and farmer panel
  • Growing high-yield organic corn

Meeting Impact

  • 92% of respondents reported that they would apply ideas learned during the Day 1 sessions to their farm operation or agricultural business/organization
  • 95.8% of participants indicated that they planned to share any relevant information they learned during the Day 1 sessions with other individuals
  • 85% of respondents said they planned to use the information they learned on Day 2 to develop or make changes to their organic transition plan or current organic/transition grain production

"Very good introduction to certification process. Well-rounded discussion. Seemed to address many of the concerns I hear from farmers who are just starting out as organic."

- Day One Attendee

"It was focused on how to be profitable and sustainable. Other meetings I have attended don't care if the farmer is making any money."

- Day Two Attendee

"Very good info in the talks/speakers. Great networking opportunities with vendors and attendees."

- Day Two Attendee