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Did you know in 2018, Indiana ranked 3rd in tomato production and 5th in cord production?

The Purdue Small Farms team has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for our small vegetable farmers. Find information ranging from vegetable management, insect and pest management, and planting calendars. If there is something missing or you need more information, always contact your local extension educator or one of the Small Farm Team members. Start with the following web resources provided by Purdue. Supplemental PDFs, grower guides, and planting calendars may be found below.

Getting Started?

Check out these beginning resources from Purdue Extension to get started!

Cover Crops in the Home Garden

Cover crops can improve soil quality and benefit the ecosystem. This publication, by two Purdue University researchers, explains how home gardeners can benefit from the practice. Plant types, planting, termination, and fertilization are discussed.

Indiana Vegetable Planting Calendar

Planting vegetable seeds or transplants at the correct time is determined by the soil temperature required for seeds to germinate and the temperature tolerance of the plants. This publication examines these factors and provides a range of planting dates for a variety of vegetable crops.

The Fall Vegetable Garden

This publication discusses planting and frost-protecting your fall vegetable garden.

Container and Raised Bed Gardening

This publication examines how to plan, plant, and care for raised bed and container gardens.

Small Plot and Intensive Vegetable Gardening

The publication offers advice about planning, seed selection, transplanting, summer care and harvesting to help you get your small garden off to a good start and to maximize the rewards from your gardening efforts.

External Resources

Check out these resources to help with pest identification, pest management, and how to deal with common diseases.

University of Kentucky Center for Crop Diversification

University of Kentucky Center for Crop Diversification has a plethora of educational materials on production and marketing. The site is replete with information, events, and newsletters.

The Ohio State University Extension VegNet

The Ohio State University Extension VegNet is a Vegetable and Fruit Crops Team Newsletter that covers everything from pests to production and a list of events.

The Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News

The Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News is another great newsletter to which you may subscribe. Find plenty of information and extra resources to answer any of your questions!

Growing Guides

Starting Seeds Indoors

This publication discusses the selection of seeds, containers, and soil mixes. Directions for seeding, transplanting, thinning, and moving plants are given.

Home Gardener's Guide

This publication discusses planning a vegetable garden, planting, fertilization, care, harvesting, and storage recommendations.

Miscellaneous Guides

Hotbeds and Cold Frames

This publication discusses the differences between hotbed and cold frame structures for growing out-of-season plants including the recommended dimensions, operating procedures, and the fall and winter uses for both.