DFFS Aquaculture Text

Resources found on this page were compiled with the help of Nathan Shoaf and Amy Shambach.

Aquaculture is a growing industry in Indiana with farm sales of more than $15 million.

To find information about aquaculture, check out these resources by the College of Agriculture Agriculture Economics.

Aquaponics Resources

A Guide to Marketing for Small-Scale Aquaculture Producers

This handbook provides guidance for developing an operating strategy specific to an aquaponic farm and provides information on marketing, operating, and financial strategies in regards to aquaponics.

ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture: Local Food Systems

This resource provides information, resources, and models on how farmers and consumers can actively participate in the development of more locally or regionally-based food systems.

Fish Resources

A Guide to Marketing for Small-Scale Aquaculture Producers

This publication discusses what small-scale aquaculture producers should know about marketing their products, including making marketing part of their overall planning process.

Profitability of Hybrid Striped Bass Cage Aquaculture in the Midwest

This resources discusses the profitability of hybrid striped bass cage aquaculture in the Midwest.

Shrimp Resources

Marine Shrimp Biofloc Systems: Basic Management Practices

Not sure where to start? This publication summarizes basic management practices for the majority of farmers raising marine shrimp in Indiana.

Profitability of Indoor Production of Pacific White Shrimp: A Case Study of the Indiana Industry

This 7-page publication discusses the profitability of indoor production of Pacific white shrimp in Indiana.

Sustainable Shrimp Production Chain in the Midwestern United States

This study performed a life cycle assessment on different shrimp production chains from cradle to the market in Midwestern US.

Organization Resources/Indiana Resources

Indiana Aquaculture Association


The Indiana Aquaculture Association, Incorporated(IAAI) helps producers by promoting, marketing, educating, and nurturing aquaculture and aquaculture research in Indiana.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources works to protect, enhance, preserve, and wisely use natural, cultural, and recreational resources. Click to view their resources below.

Indiana State Board of Animal Health

Important fish health facts can be found at the Indiana Board of Animal Health website. Some of those facts can deal with obtaining a premise ID, animal feed recalls, and much more.

National Resources

National Aquaculture Association

The National Aquaculture Association provides important and up-to-date resources on US regulations, aquaculture, and educational opportunities.

U.S. Aquaculture Society

The US Aquaculture Society works to provide a forum for researchers, students, and industry leaders to discuss and find resources on aquaculture.