Posters will be displayed on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 from 4:00pm — 5:00pm. If you are presenting, we ask that you setup from anytime before 4:00pm on Wednesday. You may leave the posters setup until the end of the day.

1 | Nestor Zaluzec Soft Matter and Biosystems  Microanalysis by Analytical Electron Microscopy

2 |  Ziao Fu The Structural Basis for Release Factor Activation during Translation Termination

3 | Austin Dixon Generating Properly Folded Neurotensin Receptor-1 Through Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

4 |  Edoardo Dimprima The Deadly Touch: Protein Denaturation at the Air-Water Interface and How to Prevent It

5 | Ellen Zhong Testing the Limits of Modern Heterogeneous Reconstruction Algorithms: the Autophagy Initiation Complex

6 | Herve Celia Structural Investigation of the Ton Membrane Protein Complex, a Bacterial Molecular Motor

7 | Audray Harris Probing the Organization and Conformation of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin by Cryo-Electron Microscopy with Insights for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development

8 | Qianglin Fang First Near-Atomic Structure of a Giant Virus

9 | Elisabeth Garland-Kuntz Structural Insights into Phospholipase-C Activity: Direct Observation of Conformational Dynamics

10 | S. Saif Hasan Structural Insights into the Entry and Antibody Neurtalization of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus

11 | Thomas Klose Structural Studies of Tupanvirus

12 | Madhumati Sevvana Cryo-EM Structures of the Mature Zika Virus
and its Complex with a Potent Virus-Specific Antibody

13 | Chen Sun Sub-3 Å Apoferritin Structures Determined With Single Position Of Volta Phase Plate and the Full Range of Phase Shift

14 | Matthew Therkelsen Flaviviruses have Imperfect Icosahedral Symmetry

15 | Frank Vago The 2.6 Å Cryo-EM Structure of GII.4 Norovirus VA387 in Complex with its Cellular Attachment Factor

16 |  Ravi Yadav  Structural Insight into NmLbpB’s Interaction with Human Lactoferrin

17 | Genki Terashi De Novo Main-Chain Modeling for EM Maps using MAINMAST

18 | Philip Baldwin A Quality Assessment of the Sampling of Projection Views in Cryo-EM based on the Estimate of Effect on (Global) SSNR

19 | Ignacio Mir Sanchis Cryo-EM Approach to Study Staphylococcal
Mobile Genetic Elements’ Replication: Helicase Loading and Translocation

20 |  Wei-Jen Tang Ensemble Cryo-EM Elucidates the Mechanism of Insulin Capture and Degradation by Human Insulin Degrading Enzyme

21 | Fuxing Zeng Translation Termination on mRNAs Lacking a Stop Codon

22 | Pierce O’Neil Structure of Tetanus Neurotoxin and Nanodisc Complexes

23 | Kelly Manthei Examination of the LCAT-HDL Complex

24 |  Min Su goCTF: Geometrically Optimized CTF Determination for Single-Particle Cryo-EM

25 | Agnieszka Ruszkowska Structural Insights into the RNA
Methyltransferase Domain of METTL16

26 | Yan Zhang CCT Conformational Space Elucidated by Elastic Network Model Analysis of Cryo-EM Data

27 | Gavin Rice Structural Characterization of Venom Peptide – Ion Channel Complexes: How the Resolution Revolution Can Improve Drug Discovery

28 | Bianka Holguin Mutations in Small Heat-Shock Protein 27 Affect Phosphorylation Regulated Chaperone Activity

29 | Lauren Jackson Architecture of Mammalian Retromer by Single Particle Cryo-EM

30 | Michael Sheedlo Cryo-EM Analysis of the TcdB-Frizzled-2 Interaction

31 | Heather Kroh Clostridium difficile Toxin TcdB Bound to Bezlotoxumab F(ab’)2 Reveals a Distinct Conformation that May Influence Toxin Neutralization

32 | Andrei  Fokine Tomogram Averaging using a Locked Self-Rotation Function

33 | Perla A. Pena Palomino Role of C1QL3 as a Synaptic Organizer in Specific Subsets of Neurons in Brain: Structural Studies of C1QL-Mediated Complexes

34 | Brenda Gonzalez Virtual Reality Training Tools for Cryo-EM