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Visitors have access to several transportation options while they attend events on campus, including shuttle services and limousine services as well as local taxi, bus and car-rental services. Please see below for our suggested options.

Shuttle and Limousine Services

Lafayette Limo Inc.

An affordable and convenient way to travel to and from the Indianapolis International Airport. Call 765-497-3828 or visit the website.

Reindeer Shuttle

Affordable, regular shuttle and private car service to both Indianapolis and Chicago. Visit the website for more information.

Star of America

Ground shuttle service between the Purdue Memorial Union and Indianapolis International Airport. Call 800-933-0097 or visit the website.

Express Air Coach

Ground shuttle service between Purdue and Chicago O'Hare Airport. Call 765-743-3120 or visit the website.

Local Transportation Options

Our suggested taxi service options include Four Star Taxi, 765-448-6150, and City Cab, 765-429-8294. CityBus makes regular stops on and around campus, as well as around Greater Lafayette. Local Uber and Lyft services are also available.