Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Please see below for information about all Purdue Conferences team members, including the sales team, coordinators, administrators and support staff. If this is your first time working with Conferences, we suggest that you contact a member of the sales team. Otherwise, feel free to contact the sales people or coordinators you have worked with previously.

Event Coordinators

Conferences Sales Staff

Kristine Decallos Scheduling Operations Coordinator 765-494-7225
Marcus Mues Sales Assistant 765-494-7230

Conference Support Staff

Support Staff 866-515-0023
Alicia Asa Registration Assistant 765-496-6500
Betsy Baxter Secretary 765-496-3978
Tina Lewis Registration Assistant 765-496-6500
Juliet Nguyen Secretary 765-494-2308
Mercedes Nixon Palmer Registration Assistant 765-496-6500
Jennifer Sibray Operations Coordinator 765-494-9542
Natalie Thompson Registration Assistant 765-496-6500

Conference Business Staff

Gillian Anderson Account Assistant 765-494-0604
Sara Clinton Business Manager 765-496-1120
Kristy Spencer Payroll Account Assistant 765-494-7210