How it Works



  1.  Plenum: designed to fit in a wall of a building and accommodate the plants.
  2. Removable plant trays: accommodate growth media, plants,  lights, and a watering device.
  3. Back duct: combines multiple air streams and integrates the Biowall with the HVAC system.

Biowall Controls


  1. Watering controls optimize plant health with minimal impact on space humidity
  2. Lighting controls optimize plant health, flexibility of homeowner, and minimize energy use
  3. Airflow controls that integrate with the HVAC controls in a home to maintain adequate levels of air circulation and air filtration.

voc removal together

The contaminated air from the buildings flows through the growth media in the Biowall. As air flows through the growth media, microbes in the root zone of the plants metabolize VOCs. After the filtration, the cleaned air returns back to the HVAC system of the house.

Biowall- Duct work installation Summer 2016 (1)

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