We are hosting a Poster Session on Day 1, Wednesday, May 8th starting at 3:50pm in the Krannert Lobby. We have split up the Poster Session into 2 halves on the basis of alphabetical order. You may check out the tentative poster locations below and the abstract for each half in the following links: Half 1 & Half 2

Poster presenters for Half 1 are welcome to setup their poster in Krannert Lobby during our Day 1 Lunch Break. Poster presenters for Half 2 will have 10min to setup posters starting at 4:50pm! Judges are assigned to judge all posters at least once.

Best poster presentation will receive $150 and HG2BG Symposium goodies. Stay around for the Closing Remarks and Awards section on Day 2 for the announcement of the Poster Session winner.

If you do not see your name on this list and you believe it is a mistake – please let us know so I can get you a judge assignment and a poster board (