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Identity and Access Management

I2A2::Acess Module Configuration

  • Add the following in the main body of the web server configuration file:
    • Change host.domain to your host's name
    • Modify the path to the "secret" file - don't forget to create the file
      PerlModule	I2A2::Access
      PerlSetVar	TicketLoginURL	https://host.domain/ticketLogin
      PerlSetVar  TicketSecret    /path/to/file/secrets_key.txt
  • For the directories you want to protect, define the restrictions:
    • Modify the "directory" path of the files you want to protect
      <Directory /opt/apache/htdocs/protected>
        # Set the Access handler - this is inherited by subdirectories
        PerlAccessHandler	I2A2::Access 
        # AllowUser, DenyUser, and CharsExp commands	
        # For example, allow any authenticated user here
        CharsExp (0|~0)
      <Directory /opt/apache/htdocs/protected/employee>
        # Only allow employees here (the Employee characteristic is 0)
        CharsExp 0
      <Directory /opt/apache/htdocs/protected/student>
        # Only allow students here (the Student characteristic is 1)
        CharsExp 1
    • Add the following to the configuration for the SSL virtual host (https):
      • Change host.domain to your host's name
        PerlModule	I2A2::TicketLogin
        # This controls how long the 'ticket' will be valid (minutes)
        PerlSetVar  TicketExpires   20
        <Location /ticketLogin>
          SetHandler	perl-script
          PerlHandler	I2A2::TicketLogin
          PerlSetVar	PurdueCertURL	https://host.domain/PurdueCertLogin
        SSLCACertificateFile	conf/ssl.crt/ca-bundle.crt
        <Location /PurdueCertLogin>
          SSLVerifyClient	require
          SSLVerifyDepth	2
          SSLOptions +ExportCertData +StdEnvVars
          AuthName	SSL
          AuthType	Basic
          SetHandler	perl-script
          PerlAuthenHandler	Apache::OK
          PerlHandler		I2A2::TicketLogin::PurdueCertLogin

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