About Our Lab

The Facility

AATL is a collaborative research space in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, that is focused on production of adaptive structures. The lab utilizes additive manufacturing and novel manufacturing processes for production of

· Smart sensors

· Piezo electrics

· Dielectric elastomer electroactive polymer actuators

· Integrated hydraulic components

· Hydraulic systems modeling

The lab also focuses energy conversion and education and works on the linkage between smart sensors and actuators and industrial IoT applications.

This lab space is designed as a working environment for researchers and students incorporating desk and workbench space.

The lab space includes multiple 3-D printers including FDMs and SLAs, high voltage power supplies, electrical testing equipment, optical recording software, and general purpose tooling. The lab is includes access to software for design through AutoCAD and ProEngineer, along with finite element software, COMSOL, and lab control and design through LabVIEW.

MGL 1232


Ember Printer 3 redone

Ember Printer

Formlabs 2 SLA 3_D Printer

Formlabs 2 SLA 3_D Printer

Objet Eden 350 Polyjet Printer


High Voltage Power Supply and Electronics



Miniature 5-Axis CNC machine

Filament Extruder

Temperature controlled Photocuring Chamber

Temperature-Controlled Photocuring Chamber

Lulzbot 5 & 6 printers

Makerbot Replicator 2X