Publication of Note Bostwick DG, Burke HB, Djakiew D, Euling S, Ho SM, Landolph J, Morrison H, Sonawane B, Shifflett T, Waters DJ, Timms B. (2004). Human prostate cancer risk factors. Cancer; 101(10 Suppl): 2371-2490.
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Happiness is not a's a by-product of a life well lived.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Sept. 5 - Avenues to Optimal Longevity (Fall Symposium)
Oct. 3 - Using the Zebrafish Model System to Define Mechanisms of Environmental Chemical Toxicity in the Developmental Origin of Adult Health and Disease Paradigm
Nov. 5-9 - Making Connections: From Cells to Societies
Jul-21 - Got Milk Purdue News
Jun-30 - Smartphone adapted to measure person's gait, reduce falls Purdue News
Jun-23 - Purdue technology could reduce falls The Lafayette Journal & Courier
Jun-16 - Drug Use in Youth Culture: Finding Answers Purdue Today
May-15 - Nancy Edwards, recognized as the 2014 Nurse Educator of the Year Purdue News
May-14 - Playing Favorites Purdue Alumnus