Publication of Note Hoza B, Vaughn A, Waschbusch DA, Murray-Close D, McCabe G. (2012). Can children with ADHD be motivated to reduce bias in self-reports of competence? Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 80(2): 245-254.
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Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
-Henry Ford

Sept. 5 - Avenues to Optimal Longevity (Fall Symposium)
Oct. 3 - Using the Zebrafish Model System to Define Mechanisms of Environmental Chemical Toxicity in the Developmental Origin of Adult Health and Disease Paradigm
Nov. 5-9 - Making Connections: From Cells to Societies
Aug-28 - Vision problems for older adults can dim life expectancy Purdue News
Jul-21 - Got Milk Purdue News
Jun-30 - Smartphone adapted to measure person's gait, reduce falls Purdue News
Jun-23 - Purdue technology could reduce falls The Lafayette Journal & Courier
Jun-16 - Drug Use in Youth Culture: Finding Answers Purdue Today
May-15 - Nancy Edwards, recognized as the 2014 Nurse Educator of the Year Purdue News