When Where Speaker Presentation
September 5, 2014 Fall Symposium
Stewart Center 218 A-D Avenues to Optimal Longevity

S. Jay Olshansky, Professor of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago

Rafael de Cabo, Senior Investigator, National Institute on Aging
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In Pursuit of the Longevity Dividend

Dietary Interventions for Healthy Aging

October 3, 2014
12:30pm – 1:25pm
Stone B2 Jennifer L. Freeman, Associate Professor of Toxicology

Using the Zebrafish Model System to Define Mechanisms of Environmental Chemical Toxicity in the Developmental Origin of Adult Health and Disease Paradigm
November 5-9, 2014
Washington DC Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting

Making Connections:  From Cells to Societies
Novermber 21, 2014
12:30pm – 1:25pm
Stone B2 Sherylyn Briller,  Associate Professor of Anthropology

Strengthening the Connections: Applying Anthropology to Contemporary Life Course Studies

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